How is WaykiChain Chart?

WaykiChain is a block chain project, also supported by the Chinese government. WaykiChain entered the market in May 2018, and the operating efficiency of dapps has increased since its introduction to the platforms. WaykiChain digital money stock market is also a development-oriented platform. The founding team launched a new Dapp Fund Program on April 2, 2019 and announced that they will finance projects they deem appropriate. The price of WaykiChain is $ 0.131563. The WaykiChain market value is currently set at $ 493.308, while the trade volume is $ 2.038.511. On the other hand, the volume / market value ratio is obtained as 4.1115. Its lowest value since it entered the market is $ 0.095654 on November 25, 2019. The highest value was observed as $ 2.83 on May 6, 2018.

What is WaykiChain chart?

The WaykiChain chart shows market value, trade volume, instant price and prices at certain times to investors who are considering entering the market. According to the information from these charts, it can be seen that WaykiChain has been very successful in the market. We talked about WaykiChain’s emphasis on developing Dapp. One of the Dapps developed by the team during the 2018 world cup has been downloaded 220,000 times and the number of daily users has reached 20,000. WaykiChain has a total supply of 210 million coins. Circulation supply is 3.7 Million. WaykiChain, which is actively bought and sold in many stock markets, is mostly traded in the Bithumb market.

Advantages of WaykiChain chart

WaykiChain has many advantages compared to the traditional single-token economy method. It has more usage primarily than the single-token model. WaykiChain stock market holds WaykiChain stable coin. WaykiChain stable coin, also known as WUSD, is currently the first and only stable coin supported by a public block chain.